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'Molise in Scozia'

'Molise in Scozia' is a new initiative which aims to develop from a ‘virtual community’ to a new group for people who are interested in Molise or have family connections there. The little-known region is in fact in the centre of Italy, just 90 minutes from Rome and an hour from Naples. 'Molise in Scozia’ will return to the ‘Scampagnata’ on 5 June 2016 this year with their story-telling and films and with tasty foods, oils and wines for all to sample.

Pass the word if you’re a Capaldi, Campopiano, Capocci, Castrataro, Celino, Cibelli, Cocco, Cocozza, Coia, Cotugno, Di Ciacca, Di Iullis, Di Iorio, Di Mascio, Di Meo, Di Niro, Durante, Esposito, Faccenda, Ferri, Franchitti, Iaconelli, Iannarelli, Iannacone, Izzi, Lombardi, Mancini, Martinelli, Marzella, Mascio, Minchella, Niro, Pacitti, Pistilli, Ricci, Roccio, Rongione, Rossi, Salvatore, Spinelli, Tedeschi, Tortolano, Tirabasso, Valente, Valerio, Verrecchia, Visochi and many others - join us!

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Festa della Terza Età

The annual Festa della Terza Età will be hosted this year by Sarti's, Renfield Street. The event - which always sells out - will take place at 1pm on Sunday 13th March.

For just £12 per person, attendees can enjoy a 3-course meal + tea/coffee at one of Glasgow's top Italian restaurants.

Those seeking to attend should complete this form and a cheque for the total amount should be made out to "Italian Scotland SCIO". The form and cheque should be posted to Paul Verrico, 515 Lawmoor Street, Dixons Blazes Industrial Estate, Glasgow, G5 0TT.


New exhibition
A new exhibition, ‘Family Portrait: The Scots Italians 1890 – 1940’, will run until the end of January at National Records of Scotland, created in partnership with the Consulate General of Italy in Scotland. The exhibition features a hidden archive of Italians living in Scotland in the years before the Second World War.
The unique census of many of the Italians living in Scotland in the 1930s opens a window into the family life and businesses of generations of people who had migrated to Scotland from rural Italy. They adapted and thrived as shopkeepers and café proprietors, mosaic workers and hairdressers, carpenters and cobblers.

Come face to face with the Scots Italians, and discover documents, photographs and objects loaned by descendants of the people who feature in the 1930s census, as well as contemporary photographs by Lorenzo Colantoni.
‘Family Portrait: The Scots Italians 1890 – 1940’ will be on show at General Register House, 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh, from 3 December 2015 until 29 January 2016 (closed 25 & 28 December, 1 & 4 January), free entry.

New book
The highly respected author and academic Terri Colpi has written a book which accompanies both the exhibition and the 1933 Census of Italians in Scotland. The Title of the book is "Italians' Count in Scotland: The 1933 Census, Recording History".

The book will provide a fascinating insight into the lives of so many Italian families in pre-war Scotland and readers are likely to come across well-known names in the history of the Scots Italian community – a a perfect Christmas or post-Christmas gift!

Italian Library

Good news for lovers of all things Italian! The Italian Library (with books and DVDs) which was formerly housed in the Single End Rsetaurant is now reopened in Strathclyde University. With around 500 titles there is something for everyone, including many beginner's language guides.The Biblioteca Italiana will be based just 5 minutes from George Square in Room GH223B - Graham Hills Building - 40 George Street - Glasgow.
It will be open every day from 9am to 4pm.

Do pop along and check it out. More information from Giuseppe Riato at


ItalianScotland on Social media
In the era of Facebook and Twitter it makes sense to keep in touch via social media. Our Italian Scotland Facebook page is updated almost daily with news and events or interest to members and friends of the Scots Italian Community.
Just look up ItalianScotland on Facebook and click “like”.
We are now into the third year of our Facebook presence. It has almost 1500 signed up followers. Posts can reach 6000 people in less than 24 hours! Our Facebook page engagement has shown a more than 200 per cent increase on last year, which shows the importance of us using social media to communicate.
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Italian Scotland SCIO - Scottish Charity Number SC044660