It's 1940. Hugo's in no man's land. Born in Scotland, he's miles away from his family's Italian roots, but Britain has become a hostile place for his community, demonised when Italy sides with Nazi Germany in 1940. To prove himself to his sweetheart, Hugo joins the British Army but must face deeper questions of identity, love and loyalty... with unexpected answers.


Based on a true story by Hilda De Felice, ‘Loving the Enemy' was originally penned as a movie and later adapted for the stage by acclaimed dramatist Lorenzo Novani.

Supported by real radio clips from the time and music of the era, Loving the Enemy is not only a memorable tale, but a truly evocative storytelling experience.

The acclaimed play has just finished a second year of sold out performances at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.

All takings from the performance will be donated to the Italian Scotland Charity and St Andrew's Cathedral Italian Garden Fund.

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